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Bigo Salary Structure


Table below shows the salary a host from the Nigeria region can earn monthly

  • The host should achieve a beans target alongside the hourly target during the month to be eligible for full salary
  • If you complete your beans quota and failed to achieve the 30 hours monthly target, you will be paid 50% of your salary
  • Beans targets outlined below are the only targets recognized
  • The maximum hours counted for you daily is 3 hours, i.e you can broadcast more than three hours but only 3 hours is recorded towards your target
  • Accepted live rooms are normal live (solo live), hosting a public audio live and/or hosting a public multi live
  • Gaming live hours, Virtual live and/or private hours will not count towards the hourly target
  • Newly auditioned hosts can enjoy the 3,000 target twice (Current month of when they’re auditioned and the following month)
  • The 6,000 beans target has no limitations

Current Bigo Salary Structure

Level Hours Required Host Salary ($) Host Salary (NGN) Beans Target
S10 30hrs $6,400 NGN3,648,000 2,200,000
S9 30hrs $5,200 NGN2,964,000 1,600,000
S8 30hrs $4,000 NGN2,280,000 1,200,000
S7 30hrs $3,200 NGN1,824,000 900,000
S6 30hrs $2,800 NGN1.596.000 780,000
S5 30hrs $2,200 NGN1,254,000 600,000
S4 30hrs $1,720 NGN980,400 420,000
S3 30hrs $1,320 NGN752,400 300,000
S2 30hrs $1,140 NGN649,800 240,000
S1 30hrs $880 NGN501,600 180,000
A 30hrs $600 NGN342,000 120,000
B 30hrs $420 NGN239,400 80,000
C 30hrs $320 NGN182,400  60,000
D 30hrs $216 NGN123,120  40,000
E 25hrs $138 NGN78,660  25,000
F3 20hrs $56 NGN31,920  10,000
F2 15hrs $36 NGN20,520  6,000
F1 10hrs $18 NGN10,260  3,000

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