Do you know by live streaming your talents/moments  you can make cool cash when people interact and send virtual gifts to you in real time?? 
  Ifophia Agency  partners with BIGO LIVE to bring Livestreaming to young and vibrant Nigerians as a Career.

BIGO LIVE is a LIVE Streaming App where people can go LIVE and share their moments, talents or any creative contents with millions of viewers from all over the world in real-time.

BIGO LIVE, enables you to showcase discover and stay connected in a positive, healthy and creative platform 

 Through Ifophia Agency, Nigerians can now benefit from Livestreaming from the comfort of their homes or any location they find themselves and get paid for doing so.


Our Job is to RECRUIT, TRAIN AND GUIDE  individuals who have the time and passion to stream from their home and earn a steady income while doing so.

Random users don’t get salaries, but official Hosts get paid monthly for using the app effectively.

To be an official Host, you have to register and pass an audition with Ifophia Agency. 

As our official host, there are two things you need to do to get paid monthly.

1.  Broadcast minimum of 30 Hours Monthly 

2.  Receive minimum of 3000 Beans. The higher the beans received, the higher your salary.

To become an Official host, you need to pass through the audition process with Ifophia Agency

A sample of a host auditioning can be seen in THE NEXT HEADING

We are looking forward to guiding you on this interesting new career path and we hope you will give it your best. Thank you



Kindly fill out the audition form HERE

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